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Program Components

Valley Prep Key Components

  • Student-athletes will practice twice a week for nine weeks in the Fall and nine weeks in the Spring. All practices will take place at Rick Hansen School of Science and Business and will be two hours: one hour of basketball skill development and a second hour of fitness training with Innovative Fitness.
  • Student-athletes will receive 8 course credits required for graduation over two to three years: Career Life Education 10 (CLE 10) and Career Life Connections (CLC 12) offered through our Abbotsford Virtual School. Note: Grade 11 students who particpate will register for Grad Transitions 12 through Abbotsford Virtual School.
  • The Career Education courses will be delivered within the context of the basketball experience and wil be delivered in a blended fashion with the Valley Prep Coordinator serving as the teacher.
  • As part of the course, all students will use MyBlueprint to complete assignments and compile artifacts which will serves as the basis for their digital for portfolio.
  • Student-athletes will be required to put together a highlight video from their school season and will also be required to give back to their community by volunteering in an area of their choice.
  • Student-athletes will work towards a culminating Capstone Project which they will present at the end of the program. The Capstone will take the form of a demonstration of learning in front of a committee/public audience which will include the university coaches that have followed them through the 3 years. 
  • Student-athletes will have the opportunity to visit 10 post-secondary schools in the 2018-19 season. These will include:
    • The University of British Columbia
    • Simon Fraser University
    • Trinity Western University
    • University of the Fraser Valley
    • Thompson Rivers University
    • University of Washington
    • Western Washington University
    • Capilano College
    • Douglas College
    • Langara College
    • Columbia Bible College
  • Other than the NCAA schools, all of the university and college coaches will put the student-athletes through a 1 hour training session and then they will have the opportunity to meet with the university players to ask them about life as a student-athlete in university/college.
  • The top 10-12 student-athletes will have an opportunity to travel to China in the spring (2019) at a very low cost. They will be visiting and playing games against Chinese competition in Beijing and visiting the Abbotsford School District’s two sister schools in Gaomi and Rhizhao.
  • There will also be a series of evening information sessions for parents that will focus on understanding the post-secondary world. One session already booked will be hosted by an Admissions Officer from Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts) who will discuss navigating the American application process, the benefits of studying at a Liberal Arts College and how to determine the best educational “fit”.